Awarded; State of Nebraska Recycler of the Year 2000

WasteCap Nebraska Recycler of the Year 2012


We would like to say Thank You for your patronage and ask you to partner with us in our “Curbside” Recycling program. Our hope is that this program gives you the opportunity to make an important contribution in helping protect our environment, and preserving our Landfill by taking recyclable products out of your waste flow.

Our service occurs each week on the day selected for your area of town. To participate, all you need to do is to select either a 96 Gallon Toter Cart or, an 18 Gallon Red Bin, YOUR choice.

Please place your container at the curb by 7:00 am. on your designated day.

Please note: In extreme weather conditions, we will not run this service


Newspaper and inserts
Magazines, Catalogs, Phonebooks
Cardboard, Clean Pizza Boxes
Boxboard (cereal, cake, tissue)
Paper Egg Cartons
Paper Bags – grocery sacks
Aluminum Cans
Tin & Steel Cans

ALL Plastics Containers Labeled 1-7
**ALL Junk Mail, Envelopes, Office and School Papers
must be put into a Plastic Bag and tied**

NOT Acceptable

NO... These items are NOT acceptable
Yard Waste
Glass Jars, Bottles
Food Tainted Items
Polystyrene Cups, Used Paper Plates
Motor Oil Bottles
Hazardous Chemical Containers
Plastic Toys or Sporting Goods
Electronics or Batteries
Food Wastes of Any Kind
Compact Disks or DVD’s
Foam Egg Cartons
Ice Cream Cartons
Empty Plastic Bags (grocery or produce)