Toter Rules Thank you for selecting Woodward’s Disposal Service, Inc. as your waste removal company.
Here are a few rules and regulations to help you with your waste disposal needs regarding our Toter carts.

  1. Please have trash or yard waste out the night before pickup, as our route personnel start at 6:00 am. The BrownToter cart is for household garbage, and the Green Toter cart is for yard waste. Please do not mix the two wastes as yard waste is banned from the city landfill. The Red 18 Gallon bin is for curbside recycling.

The Red 18 Gallon bin and the Green Toter with YELLOW lid are for “Curbside Recycling” ONLY.

  1. Toter carts have a 200 pound load capacity limit so please do not overload them. If the material is too heavy, only fill the Toter cart half full. Never fill the Toter cart with cement, dirt, rock, or steel. Toter carts are not designed for construction waste or materials.
  2. Materials that are too heavy may be taken but as an extra pickup. Please call for pricing.
  3. We will take the equivalent of two Toter carts each time we pick up your garbage or yard waste. Extra amounts on a regular basis will not be taken and you will be asked to schedule an extra pickup.

For questions: Call 402-462-9252 Monday thru Friday 7:00 am. To 4:00 pm.
Drive thru window service is also open at 1039 South Burlington with the same hours.