100% Premium Organic COMPOST

Our premium quality compost is 100% organic, made from yard waste including, grass clippings, leaves, twigs and small branches.

This great compost product is perfect for those master gardeners who are looking for nothing less than excellence.

September 1, 1994, the State of Nebraska passed a bill, LB-1257 which banned grass clippings and leaves from all landfills.  Hastings itself banned ALL yard waste that includes grass clippings, garden waste,
leaves, tree branches, twigs, and large limbs, six months early to start saving landfill space.

Woodward’s Disposal Service started in the composting business March 1, 1993.

Our premium organic compost is made from yard waste exclusively.With an annual yield of approximately 1600 tons of finished product, this market is continually growing due to organic farming, gardening, and our community going Green.

NOTE: Our compost is also great for tree and flower garden mulch, as well as establishing new and existing lawns.

  1. Uniformly apply compost one and one half (1.5” to two (2”) inches (4.70 to 6.20 cubic yards per 1000 sq. ft.) over entire area.
  2. Following the application of compost, avoid a layering effect by incorporating the compost as deep as 5 to 6 inches while tilling it into the soil.
  3. Rake surface smooth prior to planting. Soil surface should be firm and free of klods, stones, roots or other foreign objects.
  4. Water thoroughly after planting.