The ONLY locally owned and operated Shred Company in South Central Nebraska.

Shredding your private and personal information

is a great low-cost way to protect yourself from

Identity Theft.

Important Information About On-Site Mobile Document Destruction

  • All Business and Homeowners Have Information That Needs To Be Destroyed.
  • Daily Incidental Records or Notes Need Destroyed and Not Put into the Trash.
  • Upper Management Should Destroy Certain Sensitive Information and Not Rely on Employees to do it.
  • Old Records Should Be Destroyed Regularly After a Determined Length of Time.
  • Recycling is Not an Alternative for Destruction but only after it is Shredded.
  • Employee Health Screening, Patient, and Sensitive Company Records are Top Priority for Destruction That Requires Immediate Attention and only owners, upper management or a carefully selected employee should be responsible for this.

Identity Theft Stats: A $50 billion a year fraudulent problem in the USA alone that affects approximately 15 million residents losing their identity!

Up to 100 Million innocent people that have their personal information in government or corporate data bases have that information lost or stolen each year. As new technology grows to protect our personal records, so does the sophistication of professional identity thieves.

The environment benefits of the “Random Crosscut / Pierce and Tear” cutting technology is a reduced carbon foot print and the ability to recycle the paper fiber. The shred size produced is easily recycled and generally requires less energy to achieve. A smaller shred size requires more energy to achieve and is difficult to recycle, in many cases the paper fiber ends up in the landfill defeating our efforts to RECYCLE.

Our process of proper “Chain of Custody” both contribute to elevated security and complete information destruction. Our ensured security of your documents that have been destroyed onsite does not end after the MDS truck has left the premises. Your destroyed documents will be mixed with other commingled documents already destroyed by the shredder and when the truck is full, it is emptied in our secure recycling facility that is then mixed with the shredded paper and documents already waiting to be recycled.