Soft Plastics 1-7

Newspaper and inserts

Magazines, Catalogs, Phone-books

Cardboard, Clean Pizza Boxes

Box-board (cereal, cake, tissue)

Paper Egg Cartons

Paper Bags – grocery sacks

Aluminum Cans

Tin & Steel Cans

**ALL Junk Mail, Envelopes, Office and School Papers
must be put into a Paper Bag and tied**


NO... These items are NOT acceptable

Empty Plastic Bags
(grocery or produce)
Yard Waste
Glass of any kind
Food Waste of Any Kind or
Food Tainted Items
Polystyrene Cups, Used Paper Plates
Motor Oil Bottles
Hazardous Chemical Containers
Plastic Toys or Sporting Goods
Electronics or Batteries
Compact Disks or DVD’s
Foam Egg Cartons
Ice Cream Cartons

Reduce Reuse Recycle ♻️